Red Boy Prints



Edwin Ryan (red boy prints) is an artist based in Dublin Ireland where for the past 35 years he has worked as a sculptor making both his own work and also commercially as Filmsculpt in Ireland's film industry. Working in a range of mediums he has exhibited widely in solo and group exhibitions both home and abroad and has work in many collections world wide.

For the past 6 years lino cutting and printing, which started out quite innocuously has become a bit of an obsession. While still referencing his sculptures strong composition, lines and form, the work with lino has given him a whole new visual language to play with. 

His work is influenced greatly by environmental and social effects on identity and individuals coping mechanisms. This is seen in his Dublin in Shadows series sympathetically depicting the darker side of living in a capital city and the Urban Soup series looking at both urbanised animal and human efforts to adapt to the urban sprawl.